04/12/2020 How to shoose right earrings for you

Tips for choosing the right earrings for you

I want to write about the tips for choosing the right earrings for you. When you want to choose the earrings, it is good to know what style suits you the best. Even though, the first and foremost factor in choosing a pair of earrings is to like them!

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Face shape

The shape of your face is a determining factor. Think about earrings that counterbalance your face’s shape. If you have a long and thin face, use studs or shorter and wider dangle earrings. Do you have a short forehead and face? Then it is better to use longer earrings. If your face is getting narrower at the chin, use earrings that are wider in the base such as teardrop shapes. Or if you have a round face, do not use large circular earrings or hoops

Skin colour

However, it is not all about face shape. The skin colour is also a vary important factor. If your skin has a cool tone, white metals such as white gold, silver and stainless steel. Warm skin tones match the best with warmer metals such as yellow and rose gold, brass and copper. An easy method to determine your skin tone is to look at the colour of your veins on your wrist. If they are blue or purplish, you have a cool skin tone. But if they are green, then you have a warm skin tone. In case, you cannot decide if they are green or blue, probably your skin is neutral! People with cool skin tone are “winter” or “summer” type and people with warm skin tone are either “autumn” or “spring” type.

Among cool skin tones, those with dark hair and eyes have “winter” colouring and those with light hair and eyes have “summer” complexion! And among those with warm skin tones, those with dark hair and eyes are “autumn” and having light hair and eyes means that you have “spring” complexion.

For “Winter” complexions the best colours are navy, red, bright pink, and very light colours. “Summer” complexions go well with pastels and neutrals tones of blue and pink. “Autumn” complexions go well with gold tones of beige, orange, and deep brown. The best colours for “Spring “complexions are  peach, gold, and yellow. If you want the best choice suiting your complexion, it is best to use these colours for the gemstone of your jewellery.

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Other ways to add colour

Howevere, that is not only coloured gemstones that you can choose. If you like contemporary and modern jewellery, perhaps you try colourful jewelry as well. Nowadays, there are several techniques that jewellers use to add colour and variation to their jewelry pieces. I am an enamellist and a strong believer in using enamel jewelry as the best way to add colour to your look! But there are resin or polymer clay jewelry that you can try too.


When you choose a piece of jewelry to wear it is not all about selecting something that suits your face and skin colour. Remember the jewelry you are using tells something about your personality too. If you are a modern and progressive thinker, use one of a kind jewelry that have meaning beyond just beauty of a gemstone or what fashion tend is. Sometimes, you want to carry something bold and different and you can not find what you want in a famous brand of jewelry. I guess all what I want to say is that ultimately jewelry is something about you and who you are.

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