24/03/2022 Melbourne Design Week 2022

Melbourne Design Week 2022 and my program “ArtJewellery, Stories to Tell”

Melbourne Design Week 2022

Last year, I submitted my application to be part of Melbourne Design Week 2022 programs that was accepted. Melbourne Design Week is Australia’s largest annual design event. The main theme of MDW 2022 is “design the world you want” and two pillars are civic good and making good. Civic good looks at what we might make together. Making good looks at the social and environmental impact of design.

Melbourne Design Week 2022 will transform Melbourne and parts of regional Victoria over 11 days with a series of exhibitions, talks, films, tours and workshops, responding to the theme: Design the world you want. View the full program at designweek.melbourne and book your event tickets Online.


Art Jewellery, Stories to Tell

The title of my program is “ArtJewellery, Stories to Tell”. This is the description of my event that you can also see in MDW website:

‘This event displays narrative pieces of jewellery designed and made in the Z.D. ArtJewellery studio to open up a discussion on how jewellery can go beyond being beautiful to having personal meaning, and with a story to tell. The jewellery pieces are inspired by both nature and cityscapes. Some of jewellery pieces represent moments and feelings using abstract forms.

Z.D. ArtJewellery is handcrafted jewellery made by an independent jewellery artist using ethical supplies, which is the key solution for environmental issues that cheap jewellery produced by fast fashion industry have created all these years. This exhibition increases awareness about the ways the jewellery is produced and its impacts.

A demonstration of the enamelling process is also available on some exhibition days.’


There are many interesting programs and exhibition that are definitely worth visiting 😊And this is the page of my exhibition. This weekend will be last days of MDW 2022 and also my exhibition.

This is a short video I recorded from my pieces that I exhibit in my Melbourne Design Week 2022



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