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Since I was a child, I have been passionate about the joy of creating. I loved playing with colours, making things with wood and paper. Therefore, when I got older, I experienced wood carving, making wooden little replicas and making leather bags and jewelry. I have been interested in art jewelry in particular rather than classic jewelry. Art jewelry is as broadly defined as letting me to tell stories I desire and I am a good story teller! It is almost 3 years now that I have started metalsmithing and enamelling, inspired mostly by my imagination and Victoria’s beautiful nature.

Therefore, after long time spending in the biotechnology and chemistry labs doing my PhD in science, here I am finding my main passion in life, again. I built this website to show and sell my handmade artworks and write about my art journey. Love to communicate with people with a shared interest and hear about their personal experiences.

I care about the planet, nature and human being! So, I have gradually paid more attention to use ethical supplies in jewelleries I make such as ethically-sourced gemstones and also use recycled materials and particularly metals.

Zaynab Derakhshani