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24/03/2022 Melbourne Design Week 2022

Melbourne Design Week 2022 and my program “ArtJewellery, Stories to Tell”

Melbourne Design Week 2022 Last year, I submitted my application to be part of Melbourne Design Week 2022 programs that was accepted. Melbourne Design Week is Australia’s largest annual design event. The main theme of MDW 2022 is “design the world you want” and two pillars are civic good and making good. Civic good looks […]

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06/03/2022 Process of making my jewellery

Slow fashion and slow jewellery, sustainability and social responsibility

In this post, I want to write about slow fashion and slow jewellery as solutions for fashion industry. I write about  our social responsibility to change our shopping behaviour. Also, I want to consider slow fashion and slow jewellery to potentially lead us towards sustainability. However, I need to explain the problem first! Fast fashion, […]

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08/04/2021 preparing copper for enamelling

How to prepare copper for enamelling?

In this post, I write about preparing copper for enamelling from cutting the blank to counter enamelling in detail. Which metal can I use for vitreous enamelling? Frequently used metals for enamelling are silver, copper and gold due to their high melting temperature. Some artists have tried brass successfully too, but I have not tried […]

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28/02/2021 A personal report on NGV Triennial (2)

A personal report on NGV Triennial (2)

Botanical pavilion A personal report on NGV Triennial (2) is the second part of documenting my experience in National Gallery of Victoria Triennial. Also, you can read first part here. Botanical pavilion Botanical pavilion by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and associates (established 1990) and Melbourne-based artist Geoffrey Nees (Australia, b. 1970) has been my favorite […]

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03/02/2021 A personal report on NGV Triennial (1)

A personal report on NGV Triennial (1)

This is a a personal report on National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) Triennial, this year. I have visited NGV Triennial recently and decided to write something about it and upload few photos. As always, I really enjoy visiting NGV and great art collection rich in paintings, photos, sculptures, movies and animations from artists around the […]

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