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Forest cloisonne jewellery set

I’ve made forest cloisonne jewellery set using vitreous enamel and silver. I have made this set using cloisonne technique.

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I love walking in a forest in weekends and my favourite scence is bright sunlight shining through trees! That is why I have made this sunny forest in enamel. I’ve made “Forest cloisonne jewellery set” using vitreous enamel and silver. I have made this set using cloisonne technique. This set is all about trees at night.

To make thisĀ  enamel jewellery set, first, I made a copper blank and counter-enamelled it. Then, I added a layer of enamel, fused fine silver foil on it and added enamel layers to the foil. The enamel coat on the pieces’ back and suraface is the result of applying several layers of enamel grains. I have bended and shaped the silver wires, and fused them on the basecoat enamel on the blank. Then, I start filling the created cells using enamel coats. After applying each layer, I fire the pieces in my kiln at around 785 degrees celsius. After grinding and polishing the enamel, I set it in sterling silver. I have also set a peridot on pendant.

The diameter of the pendant is about 5 cm (from bail). Enamel measures approximately 3.1 cm in diameter. The chain necklace is made from solid sterling silver, and measures 60cm in length.

The diameter of the stud earrings is about 2.1cm


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