Chasing the sun pendant3

I’ve made the ‘Chasing the sun pendant3’ mainly using vitreous enamel and sterling silver. I used “cloisonne” technique to make it.

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I have decided to begin making a series titled “chasing the sun” and here is another piece of this series! Lets chase the sun through a street light☀

I’ve made the “Chasing the sun pendant3” using vitreous enamel and sterling silver . Enamelling is done over copper blank .  First, I made the blank and counter-enamelled it. The enamel coat on the pieces’ back and surface is the result of applying several layers of enamel grains. I have bended and shaped the silver wires, and fused them on the basecoat enamel on the blank. Then, I start filling the created cells using enamel coats. After applying each layer, I fire the pieces in my kiln at around 785 degrees celsius. This is a technique called “cloisonne”.

And then, I set the enamel in silver and also added a golden citrine to the setting to add the shine ✔

The width of the pendant is about 2.8 cm and the height of pendant is about 5.5cm

The pendant will come with a solid sterling silver chain necklace


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