22/06/2020 Keum-boo using thin gold foils (enamelling foils)

Keum-boo using thin gold foils (enamelling foils)

I am writing about an ancient technique, keum boo, particularly using thinner foils of 24k gold used often for enamelling. It is an ancient technique, but it has many modern applications particularly in jewelry art. Keum-boo is a technique to apply gold to silver or few other metals permanently using 2 key factors, heat and […]

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25/05/2020 design transfer to make jewelry

How to transfer our jewelry design to metal for sawing

I wrote about jeweler’s saw as a necessary tool to make handmade jewelry and how to use it here. There are various methods to transfer the design to the metal so you can cut it using a jeweler’s saw. The basic method is to draw your design on metal using permanent marker. It is usually […]

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